The Foundation for Contemporary Art–Ghana (FCA-Ghana) was created in 2004 to offer a platform for the presentation, development and promotion of contemporary art in Ghana. Since its inception, the Foundation has been a front-runner in not only connecting the Ghanaian audience to contemporary art, but also enriching their experience and pushing the boundaries of what is regarded as art through our programming.

Why Donate

We urgently seek your support. In June 2015 there were heavy rains and flooding in Accra, Ghana causing devastating loss to lives and properties. The rains and the accompanying storm and floods caused a big old tree in front of our library and project space to fall on our building destroying a considerable section of the space. With the roofing destroyed, the rain water flooded the library damaging most of our books beyond salvaging. This is a reference library of art books and related text built over a period of ten years through donations and acquisitions to help fill a void for the much needed critical text on art in Ghana. The good news for us is that with a membership of over a 100 artists both locally and internationally, we have amazing support from our artists who are giving their time and donating work to support this cause but it will not be enough. This is why we kindly ask for your generous support in cash or in kind to make our rebuilding efforts a reality. Thank you in advance for your assistance and do spread the word.

Why this space is important

We serve as a laboratory that provides resources necessary for the growth of artists.
We support artists to think critically about their practice through our programming.
Artists meet to share their work with fellow artists and the public, building confidence in their practice.
Many seek information on artists and the art scene in Ghana from us.
Artists also share their skills volunteering their time to working with children to help develop their creative skills with special emphasis on children who may not have access to art lessons by virtue of their social status.
We support artists creatively and intellectually through a knowledge centre/library, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, artist presentations, residencies and publications.

Our Causes

To be able to continue serving our artists and continue to impact our society, we will need to restore our library and project space. Almost all the books and text in our library, equipment, shelves, chairs, art supplies and washroom have been destroyed. Currently our country is going through serious power crises and constant power will make work more effective so we also hope to have some solar power. With your kind support we will be able to rebuild this necessary resource centre and continue to work effectively. We kindly ask for your generous support in cash or in kind towards our rebuilding efforts. The projected costs for rebuilding are:

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for repairs to our office building and Library

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for 2 laptops and printer

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for acquisition and in-kind donation of books

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Solar Power

We are very Thankful

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